2020 Trends: ACCESSORIES

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Nothing brings an outfit together quite like ACCESSORIES. We’ve scoured the internet and all the latest magazines to bring you this list of accessory trends for 2020 to keep you up to date and in the know! Keep reading below to see what to expect this spring and summer…

First up is the great Anna Wintour’s short list. In a recent "Go Ask Anna" episode, the fashion icon herself gave us 3 trends that are sure to be a hit this year.

  1. Raffia: A classic trend that screams vacation, a tropical vacation, to be exact.




2. Pearls: This year pearls will be showcased in more fun ways than ever. We’ve seen pearls trending in earrings, hair accessories, and even on handbags. Pearls are one of the few trends that is able to move freely between elegance and funky. Check out the photos below to see exactly what we mean by that.

3. Bucket Bags: A cool, cylindrical shaped bag is just the bit of fun our wardrobe needs this year. We’ve spotted this trend across the board & we couldn’t be more excited! Take a look…




    Now that we’ve discussed Queen Anna’s picks, let’s move on to some other notable trends…

    1. Hoop Earrings: When aren’t hoops in style? The answer is NEVER. One of the most tried & true accessories has made the list once again and the trend this year seems to be THE BIGGER THE BETTER.                 
    2. Soft Clutches (Pillow Bags): Throw everything and more into a trendy soft clutch and never worry about looking too bulky, because that’s the entire point! Soft clutches have been spotted on just about every trend watch list and don’t worry…#SGCA will be dropping our own soon!




    6. Padded Headbands: Covered in pearls or encrusted with sequins and elaborate designs, padded headbands are one of our favorite hot new trends for accessories in 2020.



    7. Multicolor Bags: Whether you’re styling up a monotone look with a fun bag or matching your bag with a specific color in your outfit, a multicolor bag is the way to go in 2020. The best thing about it is how many different looks it'll be able to go with!



      There are so many more trends to discuss! One thing is for certain, 2020 sure has a lot in store for us in terms of fashion and accessories & we’re so excited to continue to share exactly what’s forecasted to be A BIG DEAL!  

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