#TIPTUESDAY Traveling Post-Pandemic & Staying Safe On-the-Go

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Travel and quarantine restrictions are slowly lifting across the U.S. and the world. After this time on lockdown, some people are ready to go back out in public, and some of us are still a bit hesitant.

Nonetheless, traveling, whether for business or for pleasure, is about to make its way back into our lives and we should be prepared to move freely while taking precautions. Today’s #TipTuesday blog suggests 3 easy ways to ward off viruses and protect yourself from illness during your next adventure-on-the-go.


Whether you are traveling by car, train, plane or bus, consider wrapping your luggage. On trips your luggage could be handled by multiple people so wrap it before leaving home and cut it off just before entering your destination. We found this cheap luggage wrap at Walmart for around $7!

Wearing gloves is becoming the new normal in public these days. As long as you don’t touch your face, gloves can be a great way to keep your hands clean as you maneuver through checkins, gas stations, rest stops and airports. Be sure to watch one of the many videos floating around online about how to prevent cross-contamination when wearing gloves. Order some online at many different retailers like this one we found through a google search


No matter how you’re traveling or even on day-to-day errands, making yourself an essentials kit can save you time and frustration.We ALL hate walking up to an anti-bacterial dispenser in the grocery store or airport bathroom and it’s empty. Here’s a list of essentials we think you need for your next adventure:

We here at #SGCA are still working remotely and we sincerely hope you all are still abiding by social distancing guidelines and only traveling when it’s essential for the time being. If you do need to be “on-the-go” please be as safe as possible and use our suggestions as a starting point for your next adventure or day out!









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