#TIPTUESDAY: Coping with COVID-19

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WELCOME TO #TIPTUESDAY, A BRAND NEW SERIES ON THE #SGCA BLOG! Here you can find weekly tips for how your small business can stay afloat and accessible during this CoVid-19 pandemic. For many business owners, the mass temporary shutdown of businesses across the country and across the world, has left many in a state of shock and panic. Unfortunately there seems to be no definitive date for when things will get back to normal so how do we navigate through this new reality? Well the answer has been the same for ages... WE ADAPT!

Keep reading for 4 suggestions on how to maintain/BOOST traffic to your social media accounts or website for your blog/business/YouTube Channel etc.


In a time where everyone is glued to their phone 25 hours a day, it’s important to maintain that personal feeling...through the phone. Live streams are a great way to engage with your audience, customers, or potential clients by letting them watch you just like they would watch TV. Most major platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more, have live streaming options available. Viewers can comment live, ask questions and you can even go live with a guest and do all kinds of fun things like have an interview or conversation, play a game, model clothing or even just do your make up. The point is to draw the audience in by making them feel like you’re right in their living room.


In these crazy times, everyone and their mother (literally) is looking for ways to save money while still getting a good bang for their buck. One of the easiest ways to boost traffic is to run a promo! Who can resist a good deal!? BOGO deals, free shipping, freebies included, return customer discounts and so much more are all good ways to get people to consider spending their “play” money with YOU instead of elsewhere.


I meannnnn...do we really need to explain this one??? Everyone loves a good freebie! But how do you use this to your advantage? SIMPLE. Choose an item or service to “giveaway.” Once you post about it be sure to make one of the requirements for entry to SHARE on their story or feed and/or TAG A FRIEND (or 3). This not only gets people excited for a chance to get something for free, but the exposure alone gets you some really good potential customers because those who enter are likely to tag others who would fit your ideal customer profile as well. It’s a win/win!


Are you active on Facebook & Instagram but not on Twitter or Pinterest? Do you make YouTube videos but refuse to join the TikTok wave? Well now is the time to add a new platform to your business visibility portfolio. The more people you can reach, the more you can convert into customers! If you’re thinking “Instagram is for photos,” Facebook is for family,” “TikTok is for dancing,” “Pinterest is for housewives” etc, put all of those thoughts out of your mind and just do it! You’ll be surprised how many different ways you can use each platform and the best part is you can do it your way...there’s no rule book for creating a social media presence.

There’s so many ways to keep in touch during this pandemic if we just get creative. We’ve seen proof of this from cars lining up to drive by and wish a loved one a happy birthday, to social distance parties on Zoom and so much more! We hope these small steps can make a BIG DIFFERENCE for you and your business as we all try and navigate this new world. Be sure to check back here for more suggestions every week! Good luck

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