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SAY HIS NAME: Cameron Tillman

Life: January 18, 2000 to September 23, 2014 (Age: 14)

Hometown: Ferguson, Missouri

Leaves behind: Parents, Wyteika Tillman and Morrell Turner. Brothers: Andre' Tillman, Keegan Turner, Jeffery Burton, and sister Mari Turner.

Location of Death: Houma, Louisiana

Murderer: Terrebone Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy Preston Norman

About Cameron Tillman:

Just weeks after teenager, Michael Brown, was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri yet another child from the town was murdered but this time it was far south in Houma, Louisiana, approximately an hour outside of New Orleans.

 Cameron Tillman was a highschool freshman who maintained a 3.7 GPA and never got in trouble. His mother was quoted saying the following:

"Cameron can't be that athlete football player that he wanted, he can't be his undergrad nursing – he wanted to be an RN – he can't be that now, it was stolen from him," Cameron’s mother said. "This is torture. It's pure torture every day. It's constant stabbing every single day I have to think about it and relive that, and my son, who had to see it." 

On September 23 at approximately 5:30PM officers were responding to a 9-1-1 call stating armed men were entering an abandoned house in the neighborhood. Tillman, his older brother Andre, and some of their friends often used the house as an after school hangout and the owner of the home was aware and unbothered by the teens using the home for fun.

The boys were in the house playing when officers knocked on the front door and Cameron, thinking it was his friends, opened the door and was immediately met with gunfire as his brother and friends watched him stumble to the ground after taking four gunshots at close range. 

Cameron’s older brother, Andre, rushes to his brothers side but was immediately pushed away and held at gunpoint as his brother lay there uttering the words “We were playing.” The teens and family lawyer say Cameron laid there unassisted for approximately 45 minutes before he passed away. 

Perhaps a sense of urgency could have saved Cameron’s life. He had so much more life to live. The officers involved were not charged with any crimes and monetary compensation is the only thing the family has to help cope w the loss of their beloved Cameron.

Today we honor Cameron Tillman’s short, short life. Taken away from his family and his future all too soon at just 14 years old. Say his name and remember his story because NO LIVES MATTER UNTIL BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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