Educate, Enlighten, Excite: Making Black Lives Matter...TO ALL!

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As if 2020 hasn’t already been a roller coaster since the beginning of the year, it seems like “stuff just hit the fan” in America. Truth is, Black Americans have been living in this version of reality far longer than just this past week.

The most recent, heinous events and murders at the hands of racists and/or those who vowed to “serve & protect,” have led to yet another week of mass protests and now include riots, looting, shooting and more. It’s completely heartbreaking as we watch the outcry for equality, peace and basic human rights bleed out into the streets and take on different forms such as anguish, fear, sadness, rage and recklessness.

In all of this turmoil we truly have to take a moment to look at SELF. How have your beliefs and ideologies been shaped and molded to continue the suppression of blacks in America? Have you turned a blind eye to social injustice and systemic racism? Have you reacted to or had thoughts about a person based on their looks? Have you sat quietly around those you know personally as these same types of things happen day in and day out? NOW is the time to correct those actions and begin to truly change the narrative....for yourself, for your family, for your children and for their future.

How can you do your part? For today’s #TipTuesday we’ll provide you 5 movies to watch, petitions to sign, and Instagram accounts to follow now to educate, enlighten, explain and excite people to move for true freedom to live the American dream...FOR ALL.


Just Mercy

Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun



Crime + Punishment



Justice for George Floyd-

Color of Change-

Justice for Breonna Taylor-

Hands Up Act-

Raise The Degree-








We here at SGCA urge and implore you to get yourself educated, educate those within your reach and as your black neighbors and friends to create a better future. We know there are millions of other resources to dig into race relations in America. This is just a small piece of an endless list but it is also your obligation and duty as an American to educate yourself further.

Keep up with the Girl-on-the-Go blog right here on for the entire month of June to learn more about police brutality, social injustice and about those who have already fallen at the hands of those sworn to serve and protect or others who have senselessly taken the lives of black men and women due to racism.

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