Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

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Every May, we pull out our favorite white pieces and get ready to don them all summer long. For years, we would put those same pieces away after Labor Day and never wear them again until the following May when Memorial Day weekend finally rolled back around. Many Americans consider the two holidays as the unofficial start and end of the summer season each year.

Although many of us have been trained to believe the fashion rule that white after Labor Day is not okay, have you ever wondered where the rule came from in the first place? In honor of our new arrival this week, an all white mini dress called “Ashanti,” we decided to do a little digging to find the answer to the age old question: “Can I wear white after Labor Day?”

The short answer: YES!!! The detailed answer behind the rule will take a little more of your time..... Check out the photo below of one of the biggest fashion icons, Kim Kardashian West, looking amazing in October 2015, then keep scrolling for a mini fashion lesson!

Aside from theories that light colors were practical for the hot summer months, many believe the fashion rule was actually formed almost a century ago by elitists. Back in those days, wealthier people who were able to afford summer homes and family vacations, would often choose white ensembles to signify old money. White, crisp linens usually meant they did not work factory, field or other hard labor jobs. Those who handled the “dirty work” would often wear darker colors all year round since keeping white clothes clean was nearly impossible due to the line of work.

Nowadays, rules are made to be broken! Winter whites are becoming more and more popular as the old snob society rules of etiquette are thrown out the window. Obviously cooler days and lower temperatures will call for heavier knits and warmer fabrics but don’t be afraid to experiment with your whites and nude colored clothing this fall. You may just find out that you too, love breaking the fashion rules just like the legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel, pictured below breaking rules since Fall 1969! (Photo credit: Roland Schoor/Getty Images)

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