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Opening weekend was definitely busy at Sydney Grace! Managing orders and getting them packed for shipping or local delivery proved to be a exciting one!

One of the best parts about online shopping is that the merchandise basically sells itself. As a customer, you scroll for a while, find the item you like and almost instantly, you purchase and it’s on the way to you. You go on about your life feeling satisfied that your new item will be in your hands soon.

Packaging and presentation is a great way to make online shopping a more personal experience. At least that’s what we believe sets us apart from other boutiques.....besides the fabulous dress options! Every detail is carefully thought out right down to the tissue paper and wrapping paper which is hand-stamped each and every time.

We like our packages to be unique. Each dress is wrapped by hand with love using a different combination of ribbon and paper. The package often includes a hand written note or a promotional flyer/coupon for an extra personal touch. This emphasis on presentation and attention to detail allows our ladies to feel like a special gift is on the way each time a new purchase is made.

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