3 Easy Ways to be Healthier Today!

Posted by Sandra Waterman on

There’s only 30 days left of summer and sometimes it feels like that summer body we all plan on every year, just never arrived. Well, there’s no time like the present to take a couple easy steps to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Here’s 3 easy ways to be a little more mindful starting today:

  1. Cut back on CARBS- Breads, rice, pasta and more are staples in our daily diets most of the time. Cutting back can give you quick results in your body, mood and energy levels.
  2. Control your PORTIONS- K.I.S.S....Keep It Simple, Sis! For the next few days try eating regular portion amounts instead of eating to get “full.”
  3. Drink more WATER- We hear this one all the time, but with benefits such as appetite control, detoxification, and healthier, glowing skin...what’s not to love!?

We hope you’ll join us on the road to a better, healthier lifestyle starting NOW! 

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